Study Program

Below follows extensive description of the hairdressing art courses!

Full Time Study Programs

First Year courses - Level 1 Beginners

September to May / 30 weeks or 450 hours / 4 Mornings a week
This course is for those who would like to study and learn unisex hairdressing. It’s for those who do not have any knowledge about hairdressing and would like to enter the world of hairdressing art. It will help them to enter the world of hairstyle and learn everything about the art of hairdressing. This will help them to setup the foundations and be established profesionally in the field of hair care and beauty.
Guarantee of the above is the emphasis where Markos Training Centre is giving in theory and practice on all the services.

Second Year courses - Level 2

October to May / 30 weeks or 210 hours / 2 Mornings a week
This Course is for those who have graduated successfully from the curriculum of the first year section.
Markos MY Training Center of Hairdressing Art recommends that students should work in a salon while attending the second level study to quarantee better progress in their practice.
Clearly the progress of students is ensured by study and by as much as possible practicing on all hairdressing services in the class of the Markos Training Center and in the working environment.

Third Year courses - Level 3

This Course Study level is for those who have experience on hairdressing and want to delve deeper their knowledges on the art of hair.

Weekly Course Schedule Program

We offer a flexible course schedule adapted to your own convenience! Don't hesitate to contact with us for more details.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
morning hours morning hours morning hours morning hours - - -
Our philosophy is the transmission of knowledge and experience among partners and friends.
Our goal is to constantly inspire the people of our environment to become more creative and inventive.
The transfer of the desire for a better quality of work and life, is also very important for us, with respect to the environment through actions aimed to protecting it.

Man’s Care - Barbering

Gent’s - Men’s course for Hair cutting, Beard Trimming and Shaving!

First Year - Beginners

This study program referred mainly on beginners who want to learn only what is necessary to deal with the Men part of hairdressing art or those who have knowledge in hairdressing, but they believe that they need to deepen their knowledge in the men hair care sector.
October to May / 18 weeks or 110 hours / 2 or 4 mornings a week depending the season or the program (3 hours daily) / Beginner and Intermediate.

Second Year - Experience

This study program is for people who already have some experience in hairdressing but they would like to refresh, deepen their knowledge in men’s hair cutting, beard trimming, shaving.
October to February & March to July - depent of the needs of the student / 6 weeks or 24 hours + / 2 meetings a week / Morning or afternoon (night).

Third Year - Advanced

This trainning program referred mainly on professionals who want to delve deeper their knowledges on the art of hair.

Short time Study Programs

1.Basic Hair cutting

Search for the dates on the annual program / 14 Mornings / 49 hours, or 7-day.
Refers on Training Centres graduates which for any reason would like to refresh their knowledge of the basic haircuts and other, and who have sufficient practical experience in hair cutting.
Conducting theoretical and practical presentation followed by practical application by learners.

The following haircuts and techniques are included in the Curriculum:
- Inverted Layers and Graduation,
- Long Layers and Graduation,  
- Bob Classical,
- Graduated Bob,
- Short Layers,
- Fringes,
- Scissors over comp,

Techniques: one length, one length with light Graduation, Free cutting, Graduation, Graduation inward/out, Carving Square, Round, Short to long, Long to short, Additional thinning techniques ....More.

2.Advance Creative hair cutting

Search for the dates on the annual program / Make at least four different haircut in 4 mornings / 14 hours.
Dedicated at experienced hairdressers who want to refresh and update their knowledge on recent developments in fashion trends in hairdressing art.
Stakeholders should have good knowledge of basic haircut and experience at least one or more years after they have finished their studies in Hairdressing Art Educational Centers.

3.Basic color (create color & neutralizing color)

Search for the dates on the annual program / Making Theory, Practice application by trainers and subsequent practical implementation by students on the models / 8 full days (6 hours each) or 12 mornings or afternoons / 48 Hours.
Referred at hairdressers with partial or full experience who want to refresh their knowledge in the field of creation, elimination and color correction and more. During the training will have the opportunity to learn and apply on models, products which are ideal for this work and will learn about trends in fashion of color in the field of hairdressing art.

4.Advanced Coloring Techniques

Search for the dates on the annual program / Making Theory, Practice application by trainers and subsequent practical implementation by students on the models / 8 - 9 full days (7 hours each) or 16 mornings.
Referred at experienced hairdressers that they have sufficient experience and who want to complete their knowledge by learning very advanced coloring technical.
We apply many coloring techniques performed on training model heads or models if available.


Learn all about hair extensions length color.
- Single extensions
- Double hair or Weft (Applied with Keratin or rings),
- Tape,
- Tools (connector, Quick remover, Pincer, protectors, rings, natural vegetable keratin, extra glue, tapes, needles other),
- Theory and Practice.
Tailored for any person who would like to enter the world of Extensions (hairdressers or non hairdressers).
Timing: According to knowledge. Usually A. 8 to B. 12 hours.